about artPainter

current system status : online


update 5.6.05: artPainter is on display on at the Silpe Gallery at the Hartford Art School. For more info go here.


update 4.7.05: We aiming to get artPainter fully operational this weekend or early next week, stay tuned! the physical aspect of the system is nearly complete, it created its first test image today, a self portrait, viewable in the image section of this site. I'm demonstrating the system this weekend at the Trinity College Firefighting Robot Contest (not competing, obviously)


more info on the contest


this is the front end for control of artPainter, an artificial neural network based attempt to simulate human creativity.


Neural networks are excellent at pattern recognition, and combined with some long term associative memory, can be used to create categorized lists of almost any kind of data. The specific data used here are vector records of brushstrokes, entered through the input brushstrokes page. Feel free to add your own 'thoughts' to artPainter!


These vectors are categorized by the network, then the network uses a variety of different means to create novel creations from this data.






Note that once the creative process is finalized, it will be left as is, to allow the system to work in a completely unsupervised. This allows it to qualify as a Turing test, if the viewer looks at all the existing drawings, and is unable to discern whether or not one is machine generated or not, it can be argued that artPainter has displayed artificial intelligence.